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These five sets of drawings represent different ideas and technical approaches.

Flood Story

Made with liquid graphite on Mylar, these hybrids of drawing and painting are images of speculative futures. Each depicts a scene of inundation, a drowned world in a time of climate change. The diver represents how we might return to visit our homes and their environments in a radically transformed future.


These drawings derive from trips underground with cave guides. Developed in the studio from notebooks, and through a systematic drawing process, they show rarely accessed environments. Their passages and chambers carved over millennia, these images of caves represent unseen extraordinary spaces and non-human processes of deep geology and uncountable time.


These tiny drawings made with dip pen and ink take their lead from children’s book illustration. Rafts ask a simple, but difficult question; if you were fleeing home and rowing to a further shore on an improvised raft who and what would you take with you- family, friends, neighbours, provisions, tools, religious artefacts?

Crowds and Power
Made in charcoal on heavy handmake paper, this wall sized installation of 25 drawings grew from reading Elias Canetti’s eponymous book Crowds and Power and a love of early 20c. expressionists art.  Depicting an array of malevolent and authoritarian public spaces, some the target of public ire, these drawings represent institutional control, surveillance and alienation.
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